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About Us

Natural, Local, and Simple

Natural, Local and Simple is our service policy. The person who love natural, local and simple life might love our place.


1. Natural

Roof top ventilation

The buildings are designed to make use of natural wind by roof top ventilation.


Solar power

Solar hot water system is installed in all the cottages. It will make you comfortable shower time.


Homemade fruits and vegetables

We are growing many kinds of fruits trees and vegetables in our garden without chemicals. Some of them are eaten by mice and crows but we will used remained ones. They are used for our meals.   


We planted many trees and flowers in our land. You can see many kinds of plants, birds, insects, reptiles and amphibians. 

You can see many stars in the night, if it is not many cloud. If you are lucky, you can find southern cross.

2. Local

Traditional building style

Our buildings are built in local style with soil brick, wood beams, and wood window frame. 

Local fish

Fishermen came back from the sea early morning at the beach 500 from our cottage. We sometimes buy fishes directly from them and use for our meal.

Local cook

We supply traditional Sri Lankan food using coconuts, curry and lot of spices.

3. Simple

We are just providing simple resting place for the customers. Simple building, simple meal and simple services. No luxury, no attractions but the customer who love simple will find real joy and peace.

History and culture


This area was in the war zone in 1983 - 2009 and also Tsunami affected area in 2004. Many people were killed by LTTE and 512 people dead by tsunami in Pasikuda area. Our place was used for police station and the remained water tank in our land had some bullet holes by LTTE. After coming back peace to this area, we obtained this 2.6 acre land, started construction in 2014 and opened in 2017. 

Language and culture

The most of the people in this area use Tamil language. Muslims, Hindus, and Christians are living in Pasikuda, Pasikuda, Valaichchena, and Oddamavadi.

Special thanks

This cottages are supported by many people. We would like to express our thankfulness to the following people.

Eng. Gamini Sarath, Architect

Mr. Secira,

Head Mason

Mr. Naraka,

Head Carpenter

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