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Protection for mosquitoes

We use very limited amount of insecticide and the buildings are designed openly. Then the insects including mosquitoes are easily coming into the rooms. Mosquitoes nets are prepared over the beds. Mosquitoes are not so much in dry season (March to October) but they are many in wet season (November to February). The risk of dengue fever is not high but cannot be zero. Please turn on the light and close the windows before dark for preventing insect intrusion. And please protect yourself by long sleeves and socks especially in wet season.


There is Kovil (Hindu temple, ) 300 m from the cottage. The music from the Kovil in the early morning might bother you a bit. It starts around 5:00 am and the music will keep for two or three hours. Other sound would be roar of waves, birds song, singing of insects, and road noise (1 car in 5 minutes). 


Two dogs are freely living in our land. They are good fighters against mice. They will not attack customers. Please do not be afraid.


We do not have any stock of alcohol but buy it on request. Drinking in the cottages and dormitories are allowed. 


In response to numerous complaints from guests about smoking, we have tightened the smoking rules in our accommodations.
We have made the reception, restaurant, and poolside areas, as well as the rooms, non-smoking areas. Smoking areas are limited to the terrace of the room you are staying in. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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